Disaster Relief Program Goals

To alleviate a family's burden that has been placed on the family after a disaster.
To aid victims at risk of being homeless are assisted with financial assistance to restore their lives, reconstruct their damaged home and or provide temporary shelter.
Referrals as needed.

Disaster Assistance

  • Provides early relief and through needs assessments long term case management assistance to victims from a disaster.
  • Helps meet the relief efforts needed for damaged recovery from a disaster.
  • Assists with housing services by providing materials to reconstruct damaged homes and with appliances.
  • Coordinate volunteers to help reconstruct homes.
  • Organize & partner with other organizations to better reach out to clients.

For more information, contact:
San Juan office at 956-702-4088. 
Requirements For Assistance
  • Valid photo identification
  • Birth certificates
  • Complete Application
  • Copy of paperwork and/or FEMA Number (if applicable)