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  • To improve and maintain the health and nutritional status of children and adults; promote
  • promote development of good eating habits;
  • integrate nutritious food service with organized day care services.

Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)

The SFSP was created to ensure that children in low-income areas could continue to receive nutritious meals during long school vacations, when they do not have access to school lunch or breakfast. The program reimburses participating parishes, community centers, and facilities who serve approved meals to qualifying children aged 18 and under. Children might be able to be served breakfast, lunch, supper, or snack, depending on what the site qualifies for. Most importantly the program focuses in serving nutritious meals with milk, meats, fruits, vegetables, and bread. All meals are required to meet federal nutrition standards.


" ... to safeguard the health and well-being of all citizens of the state by ensuring nutritionally adequate meals are provided; encouraging adults and children to gain an understanding of the relationship between proper eating and good health; and providing learning experiences designed to result in healthier lifestyle choices."


Child and Adult Care Food program (CACFP)

Children and Adult Care Food Program provide children and adults with healthy snacks to improve and maintain their nutritional status while they are enrolled in a participating facility/center after school. The program focuses in providing nutritious meals and/or snacks in an organized manner for the children who attend.

Am I An Eligible Site?
An organization is eligible to apply for participation in the CACFP and SFSP if it:

  • is a public or private nonprofit child care facility
  • is a private, for profit center whose participants receive benefits under Title XX, make up at least 25 percent of the enrolled or licensed capacity, whichever is less;
  • is a private, for profit center that at least 25 percent of the children served meet the income eligibility criteria for free and reduced price meals;
  • is an independently center or a sponsored facility;
  • provides structured, comprehensive services to children who are
  1. enrolled for child care,
  2. attending an at 0 risk after school-hours care center
  3. Residing in an emergency shelter.

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